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There are a lot of gamers out there that are serious about the gear that they choose. Every piece of equipment that a gamer uses is carefully picked out to best meet their specific needs. The problem here is that there are so many different choices that it can be confusing for both the novice gamer and the expert one, especially when it comes to headsets. A lot of games require you to be able to hear every distinct detail in the game so that you can play better. For instance when you play “World of Warcraft”, especially in the PVP parts of the game, you will need to be able to hear a character sneaking up on you in order to get an advantage on your competitor. It may seem silly to those who are not gamers, but a headset can make as much of a difference as any other peripheral.
Headsets come in both wired and wireless, but our focus is on helping you choose the best wireless gaming headset. There are quite a few options out there even just in the realm of wireless headsets that you will definitely need help to choose between all of those options. Every gamer has their preference but there are clear-cut favorites among all of the other options. There are definitely top brands out there that you can choose from that vary in different price points. Just keep in mind that just like with anything else, you get exactly what you pay for. Each of these brands and even types of headsets within each brand all has different qualities to them. Some headsets have amazing sound quality but some are far more durable than others. Anyone who has had their own rage moment understands how many times people need to replace their gaming headset.

Leading Brands of Wireless Gaming Headsets

With all of the headset options that are available out there, you may need some help to navigate around the different brands and their offerings. There are some top brands that stand out, especially when you are talking about wireless gaming headsets. It is not just important to understand which headset is the best but also which brands you can count on for a consistently good product that is worth every penny that you spend on it. Let’s face it: wireless gaming headsets are definitely not cheap. When you start getting in the triple digit numbers, you want to make sure that money is going towards something that you want and need. You especially want to make sure that your hard-earned money is going towards a wireless gaming headset that you are absolutely going to love.

Here is an informative look at some of these top brands that you should be looking at for your next headset:

Astro Gaming Wireless Headsets

Astro Studios is a company that has been around since 1994. This company became synonymous with gaming a few years later after working with such popular gaming brands as Alienware, winning two Design of the Decade Awards in 1999. In 2006, they created a spinoff company named Astro Gaming. This company would produce premium quality headsets and other accessories. Their headsets are such high quality, that they became a popular option at gaming conventions and are even the official headset of Major League Gaming. Major League Gaming is a professional eSports organization that holds gaming competitions. This may not be a name that more casual gamers are not familiar with but their headsets are definitely high end peripherals that gamers love primarily because their excellent sound quality and their high level of comfort. With all of the excellence that this headset brand offers especially when it comes to their wireless headsets, these prices are more expensive than most of the other options out there. They are definitely a leading company in gaming and are a force to reckon with in this industry.

Tritton Gaming Headsets

Tritton is an audio accessories company that is part of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., a company that is very well-known for their gaming products especially when it comes to game controllers. One of their newest products is the Tritton Ark 300 wireless 7.1 headset that promises to be one of the best headsets that they have ever created. They create products that work across different platforms so you can definitely find a wireless headset that works for whatever gaming console is your preferred choice. This is a company that is always working towards perfection and they hope that this new headset will be up there with some of their higher end competitors. This particular headset will not be available until the later part of 2016, but they feel that it will be well worth the long wait time. The current wireless model that they have available is the Katana. The Katana is a universal option that will work across all of the major platforms. Tritton is a higher end model, which means that you can expect to pay for the extra quality.

Turtle Beach Wireless Headsets for Gaming

When it comes to well-known brands in gamer gear, there are not too many brands that are more known than Turtle Beach. Their headsets come in compatibility with individual platforms and they also offer multiplatform options as well. Turtle Beach headsets vary greatly in prices but tend to be a bit more on the affordable side than some of the other brands that are out there. In addition for being high quality headsets, Turtle Beach is also known for putting out headsets that come in skins for popular games including “Call of Duty” and “Star Wars: Battlefront”. They have an extensive line of products, guaranteeing that you can find something that strikes your interest when looking at their models. One of the best features is the fact that this brand is in the mid-range price range, which makes it a bit more achievable for some gamers to purchase than some of the more high end models but they still offer a high level of quality.

Logitech Headsets

Logitech is very well-known for being a peripheral maker for computer products. While they are most known for products like their keyboards and mice, they have actually created gaming headsets that are comparable to some of the specialized brands out there right now. The Logitech wireless headsets especially are frequently listed among the top wireless gaming headsets on the market. The best part for gaming consumers is that their wireless gaming headsets typically run at half of the price of some of the higher end products while offering the same level of quality found in these other more expensive products. This should be no surprise considering that this brand has been providing high quality products at an affordable price for consumers.

Razer Headsets for Gaming

Razer is another one of those brands that are very well-known in the world of gaming. While primarily known for their mice and keyboards, they have decided to grow their brands into other gaming products. They started to create gaming desktops, gaming laptops and even gaming tablets. They also make smartwatches, a smart band, and gaming controllers. Their products are always aimed at the gaming community. It was not really a surprise then when they started to create their own line of gaming headsets. The Razer headsets carry the name that gamers have counted on for quite some time now. They are durable and decent quality at a price that is comparable to some of the other big names out there.

SteelSeries Head Sets

SteelSeries is a lesser known gaming company that some others on this list but that does not mean that they should be so easily dismissed. In fact, this company also is frequently found on lists for the best wireless gaming headsets on the market today. This is not a fact that gamers should ignore. SteelSeries has partnered at one time or another with such big gaming names as Blizzard Entertainment, Valve Corporation, and Electronic Arts. You do see their name a lot, especially if you follow eSports. The prices on their headsets vary greatly depending on the platform and if you are looking for a wireless option. This is a high end brand that has worked hard to earn high marks in the industry.

Corsair Gaming Gear

You may be familiar with Corsair as a company that makes components that make up your computer. In recent times, they have moved on to make a name for themselves in the field of gaming peripherals. Their wireless gaming headset has upset the status quo in the industry and is another name that you can frequently find on some of the lists about the top wireless gaming headsets out there. Not only does this company put out a product that is reliable and high quality, their wireless headsets are easily among the most affordable wireless gaming headsets on the market today. Their prices alone make it work the purchase but they offer incredible battery life, incredible comfort, and many other features that have made them a popular choice for gamers today. They may not have the big name of Razer or Turtle Beach, but they are not a company that you should underestimate.

Additional Help

Reviews on headsets can only take you so far, especially if you are new to purchasing gaming headsets. is a one-stop location for people who want to acquire as much information as possible when purchasing a wireless gaming headset. From giving you details about what you should look for in a wireless gaming headset to pointing you into the direction of the headsets that offer you exactly what you are looking for, you can find anything that you need to know about wireless gaming headsets on this website. Gaming can be frustrating enough; don’t let the headset shopping be frustrating as well.

How do you prioritize what is important when buying a headset?

One of the biggest things you need to think about before anything else is figuring out which platform you are using your headset for. This determination will reduce the pool of options that you have and it is important to get the right headset for the platform or platforms of your choice. Some headsets can work across platform, which is excellent for those people who use multiple platforms for their gaming. Otherwise, the headset may not function properly or at all with the platform if you pick the wrong headset.

The types of games that you play or the fact that you are an audiophile can also make a big difference when you are deciding on headsets. There are some brands that have a significantly better sound quality than others, which is important for certain games especially playing against other players so that you can hear them coming for you. Or maybe you just enjoy the music of the game and really want to listen to it intently while you are playing. Whatever the reason is, you may place a high level of importance on the sound quality and this is a huge determining factor in which headset that you purchase.

How long do you game on a regular basis?

The answer to this question can help you determine a couple of factors that are important to you when looking for a headset. First of all if you do game for a long period of time, you need a wireless gaming headset that has a longer battery life. If it does not have a longer battery life, it should have a wire that you can use as a backup so that you can continue to play when the battery goes. Playing for a longer amount of time also means that you want an option that is comfortable for you to wear for extended periods of time. Some headsets can get very uncomfortable very quickly and this is very important to think about. Look for a headset option that has ample padding around the top of the headset and the ears to give the most comfortable gaming experience. If you do not spend a long time playing video games, you can get a little bit of a leeway here.

How much are you willing to spend?

The prices of the wireless gaming headsets can vary greatly. You absolutely need to know how much you can and are willing to spend on this purchase. You do have to keep in mind that you generally get exactly what you pay for when buying a headset. This means that if you want a higher quality headset, you will need to spend a little extra. You can keep an eye on the sales or look for a refurbished option to help you feel better about the price of the purchase. If you do spend a lot of time gaming, this will be a wise investment.

Importance of Reviews and Comparisons

There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money on something only to have that money go to waste because you didn’t like it or it did not meet your expectations. As previously mentioned, wireless gaming headsets can cost a lot. At the higher end of the price spectrum, you can expect to spend up to $300 or more on a headset. Can you imagine spending that much to find out it doesn’t have a great battery life or isn’t that comfortable? That would be disastrous, especially knowing that it can be hard to get your money back. You can avoid this unpleasant experience by reading up on a thorough review that takes into consideration a variety of different factors to make sure that the consumer walks away with all of the knowledge that they need to pick the best wireless gaming headset.

Reviews can only take you so far. Through reviews, you can further narrow down your options on the headsets that you are deciding on. Once you get there, you may still need some help to find the right headset for your needs. This is why our website offers you a comparison guide so that you can easily compare your options side by side. This can help you to get a good visual comparison to make your decision a little less overwhelming. You can use this to clearly see the differences between these headsets.

These are both very important things that we offer consumers in the market for a new headset. Gaming is about having fun and not going crazy trying to figure out the perfect headset. wants to make sure that this process is as easy as possible.

Why You Need a Wireless Headset

Depending on your gaming set up, you may need a wireless headset to help you game more comfortably. Maybe you want to use your headset for mobile gaming on your tablet or your phone and a wireless headset works out best for you. You could also be tired of wires getting all tangled up and just want a wireless headset to help you to avoid this type of headache. Whatever the reason that you want a wireless headset, you do need to remember that there are even different options here: Bluetooth and proprietary. Bluetooth headsets have come a long way in their technology, but people find that proprietary headsets offer more consistency than Bluetooth can. Additionally, you cannot use Bluetooth for your PC gaming unless you have Bluetooth availability on it.

Other Considerations

There are actually so many terms that go along with headsets that it can be confusing for some headset buyers. For instance, when you see surround sound listed on the headset, you should look a little closer. Not a lot of these companies actually offer true surround sound on their headset. If you are paying more for surround sound, you should make sure that you actually get what you pay for. Some brands do offer a true surround sound, and you need to look for those if that is something that is important to you. However, if it isn’t that important to you, you can just stick with any stereo headset and the sound quality will still be fine. Typically only audiophiles can notice the difference so this may not make or break the deal for you.
Some headsets also offer some level of noise cancellation to them to help buffer out the noises in your environment around you so that you can game uninterrupted. If you live in a location with a lot of background noises that interfere with your gaming, this is something that you should also consider when choosing a headset. This is great so that you do not have to keep turning up the game sounds so you can hear better, which can cause some damage to your ears.
There is really a lot of things that you need to consider when you take the plunge into the world of buying wireless headsets. With on your side, this does not have to be so overwhelming of an experience for you.

Trust Gaming Egg

When you read reviews online, you may wonder what reviews are from actual users of the headset or which ones were paid to give the review to boost the popularity of the headsets. There is a lot of mistrust sometimes when it comes to online reviews and people are not sure which people are really on their side to help them find the best headset for them and not trying to line their pockets with sponsorship money. When you are spending that kind of money, you have reason to be concerned.

Gaming Egg will give you unbiased reviews that you can trust from one gamer to another. We understand exactly what you are looking for and want nothing more than for you to get an amazing headset that you can enjoy your time gaming. It doesn’t matter if you prefer games like “World of Warcraft” or “Call of Duty”. Either way, you want a headset that will make this gaming experience more enjoyable for you. You can read through our very in-depth reviews to make an informed decision on the best headset that you can purchase within your price range.