Quality Wireless Gaming Headsets For PC

One hugely popular platform of gaming today is the PC. Thanks to the technology of being able to just digitally download your favorite games without having to go to the store is reason enough for this. There is no longer a need for those long midnight release party lines at the stores so that you can get your game first, unless of course you want a collector’s edition. All you need to do is preorder the game that you want, pre-download it, and you can play it the minute it launches without all of the other hassle. A lot of games that are released on both even may have preferable graphics over consoles as well.

When it comes to PC gaming, you will need a wireless gaming headset for the PC. There are some options that you can use for both but if you are solely a PC gamer, you can spend less money by getting a wireless headset that is specifically made for the PC. Because of the popularity of PC gaming, you can find quite a few options that are specifically for PC gaming. These are the preferable option for many users. Today we will take a close look at some of the wireless gaming headsets that are made for the PC to help you decide which one is the best option for your gaming needs.

Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Gaming Headset for PC

Turtle Beach likes to make gaming gear a little bit easier on the wallet by making products in the mid-range area. Turtle Beach is the name that you are probably the most familiar with when it comes to gaming headsets and this familiarity is for a good reason. They are often the choice headset used during eSports competitions and you can barely make it through any gaming convention without seeing a giant booth or two offering their goods. They have various price ranges in their product line, but the Z300 will run you around $150. But what do you get with this price tag?

First of all, you get the great sound quality that fans have come to expect from this brand. It has a surround sound quality that is offered thanks to the DTX Headphone technology from the sound experts of Dolby. This sound quality can rival some of the more expensive wireless gaming headsets for the PC. It boasts around 15 hours of wireless gaming and a microphone that you are able to detach, in case that’s something that you want to do. It has an easy setup and Bluetooth compatibility, though it is not required for use. This headset is also a lot more durable than most other Turtle Beach headsets, which is definitely a plus for those who have been burned before by this company.

This great sounding headset does come with some noticeable flaws. First of all, Turtle Beach seems to have more of a focus on the amazing sound quality but lacks the ability to balance it with other important components of a great gaming headset. When you compare any Turtle Beach headset with others, you are going to find a bit of a comfort issue. If you tend to game for long periods of time, it can get pretty uncomfortable after a short amount of time. It is also not completely noise cancelling, which can be a problem for some users but it can drown out some of the environmental noise in the setting.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset for Gaming for PC

The Astro A50 is a headset that can work across multiple platforms, but you have to choose carefully here: one option works with both the PC and Xbox while the other is PC and PlayStation. Now if you don’t intend to use it for console gaming, this is not an issue at all. Astro Gaming is easily one of the best brands in headsets and there are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, you really cannot beat the level of comfort that you get with this headset. It is perfectly padded with the marathon gamer in mind. The ear cups are especially comfortable, something that some companies just cannot seem to get right. (We’re looking at you, Turtle Beach.) You are also going to get an incredibly durable headset, which is great considering that you are going to be spending a lot on this specific headset, somewhere around $300. Astro also has excellent sound quality that does a great job of canceling out most of the noise around you.
With all of these amazing things, you may wonder if it has any flaws. It absolutely does, and depending on who you ask, they are pretty big flaws. The battery life seems to be unpredictable at best. This would not be as much of a problem if the charging cable for the headset was not unusually short, making gaming while charging a bit difficult. Another flaw is that some people have a hard time swallowing that huge price tag that comes with this headset. Otherwise, this headset could have been the best.

SteelSeries Siberia 800 PC Gaming Wireless Headset

The SteelSeries is the closest competitor to Astro Gaming when it comes to amazing headsets. They are both similar in price range (around $300) and offer amazing comfort and sound quality. This headset is arguably the best for not just the PC, but for every gaming system. When you hear memory foam, your mind automatically goes to comfort. This headset has memory foam on it, which makes it absolutely perfect for those marathon Overwatch sessions that you have been having lately. It also has around 20 hours of battery life for normal usage, which is really just more than any one person really needs. Did we mention amazing sound quality? This is one of the points that it excels at and you really cannot ignore this fact.

So what is wrong with this headset? The biggest issue for many is the price. This is not a very affordable headset option and that is definitely a negative. Another problem that some people have with this headset is that it is a bit heavy. This can be a little bothersome to some gamers but this is a personal preference thing.