Comprehensive Wireless Gaming Headset Reviews Online

Having the best gaming headset can make all of the difference in the world, especially when it comes to playing those games that are a lot more reliant on the sound effects. You want to avoid that sniper in “Call of Duty” at all costs, which you cannot do if you can’t hear his shots. The perfect headset for gaming has both a quality microphone so that your fellow teammates can hear you talk strategy or call out a warning if needed and excellent sound quality. These are things that can make a huge difference in just how successful you and your teammates are at playing your game of choice.

Here you can find some wireless gaming headset reviews of some of these top headsets so you can get an idea of which one to choose the when you are looking for something new.

Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Astro is definitely a leading brand in gaming. These are high end headsets and this is for good reason. They are incredibly comfortable headsets that offer excellent quality sound. The headset is also made with very durable materials but you may jab yourself painfully on the parts that stick out the first few times that you use it. One great feature that you can find with all Astro headsets is that it easily comes apart so that you can customize the headset or replace parts if it happens you break. This helps make the $300 price tag a little less painful. Even the pickiest audiophile will love this headset. Sound quality is definitely far above most other brands, which is another piece of evidence that you get what you pay for with this headset. The high level of comfort is also one of the most notable features of this particular brand.

While these are all great things to consider, even one of the most seemingly flawless of headsets has some downsides. One of the biggest downsides is definitely the price. When you are looking at the best wireless gaming headsets, you are always going to see prices that will make your jaw drop and a steep price of $300 is absolutely jarring. Another downside that is actually pretty huge is that the battery does not seem to last long on this headset, which can interfere with those long gaming sessions that you may like to have. This is another big consideration when looking at wireless gaming headsets.

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset Review

Turtle Beach is a name that you are very familiar with, especially if you have ever been to a gaming convention or watched eSports in your lifetime. Many of the eSports competitors proudly wear this brand when competing and some are even sponsored by brand. But does recognition mean that it is a top quality brand? This is a leading brand for a reason. Turtle Beaches range in prices for their wireless headsets depending on the platforms that you are getting one for or if you are choosing a multiplatform option. The sound quality is very decent and can vary often depending on the particular model that you are purchasing.

When compared to the Astro, the sound quality is not as incredible. This would not be a problem for someone who isn’t really an audiophile that is picky about their sound. It does a great job with sound anyways. The wireless headsets made by Turtle Beach do not seem to suffer too much interference, which is incredible for a wireless headset.

There are some downsides with this headset. While some users can get around 10 hours of play from their headset, this can greatly vary depending on factors. These headsets do have a habit of shutting off randomly, which is infuriating especially if it happens in the middle of a pivotal moment in the game. Turtle Beach headsets are also not very well-known for their comfort. Their earpieces always seem to hit the ears in the wrong way, making them pretty uncomfortable. It can take some time to figure out how to get the headset to fit just right, but if you are patient enough this may happen for you. Other people are not as lucky here. Finally, their microphones are not the best quality. Sometimes people have issues when it comes to sounding too robotic when speaking.

Razer Adaro Wireless Headset for Gaming Review

Razer is a big name in gaming, especially when it comes to their keyboards and mice. In recent years, Razer has started to break out creating gaming laptops and gaming headsets. Their wireless option is found in the Adaro series of headsets. One of the biggest problems needs to be addressed right off the bat: this is a Bluetooth headset. If you do not have Bluetooth, you should not bother getting this headset.

Now that this point is out of the way, it is time to talk about this headset. As far as the price goes, this headset will only run you around $150. This price is significantly lower than other wireless headsets on the market today. With the price you do get amazing sound quality and a durable product. When you get a Razer product, you are expecting the durability and you will not be disappointed with that. It also has incredible range and decent battery life, which are very important when considering wireless headsets.
Aside from the Bluetooth negative, this headset does have other downsides. It lacks a lot of the features that you often find in the higher end quality headsets. It can also be a little complicated to set up and understand if you are not someone who is familiar with the technical aspect of computers. Finally, this headset is not consistent in its range, which is just an annoyance rather than anything else.


These are only a few of the top names in wireless gaming headsets. These headsets are all very popular choices, with some standing out better than others. The Astro headsets are always going to be a top mention because they really excel in the field of gaming headsets. You may not be as familiar with this brand as you are with others, but you will be. Even still, these are all great options for your consideration.